Galley Kitchens

A galley kitchen is characterized by its long and narrow layout. It typically has cabinets, counters, and other items on one or both sides of a central walkway.

Galley Kitchen Pros and

Small in size, galley kitchens boast an improved ergonomic design because
important fixtures such as the refrigerator, stove/oven, and sink are located near
each other, reducing the need for excessive walking and reaching between

What are the Pros of Galley Kitchens? 

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Extremely ergonomically friendly, galley kitchens are designed to be more efficient for cooking and cleaning by having all the necessary items close at hand.

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Contemporary Design

Galley kitchens offer a contemporary design with their sleek, streamlined layout and minimalist aesthetic, making them a popular choice in modern homes.

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Galley kitchens typically require less material and labour when compared to larger kitchen layouts. Using less square footage means freeing up expensive real estate for other purposes.