Plush and relaxing, there’s nothing like home carpeting for creating a sense of warmth and comfort in your home. No matter your décor and budget needs, our selection of luxurious plush, casual textured or durable loops provides a solution for every need. We proudly offer the highest quality fibres from Tryesse, Nylons and PET’s to guarantee an application that works for you and your home. 

Perfect for family homes, bedrooms, and common spaces, a soft, well-installed carpet warms and brightens any home. We proudly offer a range of carpet products that suit your needs at the best value.

Come Choose the Perfect Carpet For Your Home

In our commitment to using the highest standard of supplies, we have chosen to only use premium high-density underlayment to help preserve the life of your carpet. We offer thousands of choices. When choosing the perfect carpet for your home, here are some of the most important things to consider:


A denser carpet with closer fibres tends to improve its durability and maintain the length of the fibres over time. However, it may affect the carpet's softness.


The durability of a material also depends on the type of fibre used. There are three main options:

  • Tryesse: very soft and highly durable but expensive
  • Nylon: comes in many colours, is very soft, and is known for its durability; more susceptible to stains
  • Polyester: a more affordable alternative to nylon, often made from recycled materials and stain resistant

Stain Resistance

While durability is important, have you considered what would happen if you accidentally spilled something on your new carpet? A fabric with a stain treatment to protect it may be the perfect solution.

Carpet Type 

Choosing the appropriate carpet type for your room is crucial as it guarantees that you attain the desired durability, texture, and appearance. The four carpet types from which you can choose are plush, Berber, level cut-loop, and frieze. 


Choosing the right carpet colour is crucial as it can impact the overall look of your room, including furniture and window treatments. Lighter-coloured carpets are ideal for small spaces, making them appear larger, while darker-coloured carpets are an excellent choice for larger rooms, imbuing a feeling of coziness. Other factors to consider are the amount of natural light in a room, high-traffic areas, and wear and tear from young children and pets.