Laying A Solid Foundation

With a constant flow of traffic from employees, visitors and even equipment, commercial buildings face unique challenges when it comes to flooring. Our clients often tell us they want a commercial flooring solution that can withstand the daily stresses of life, without cutting corners on style.

Our wide selection of industrial flooring options satisfies this need, suiting buildings of all shapes, sizes and uses. We’ll partner with you from planning to execution to ensure your flooring installation needs are met. Our mission is to provide flooring services that go above and beyond, whether the project involves a corner store, warehouse, office, or government building.


Our commercial carpeting options are resilient and easy to clean with quality features such as stain resistance, anti-static and anti-zippering, making them the perfect choice for an office, school or other places of business. We are proud to offer fibres from Tryesse, Nylons and PET’s to guarantee an application that works for you and your business. In our commitment to using the highest standard of supplies, we have chosen to only use premium high-density underlayment to help preserve the life of your carpet. We also offer professional carpet installation options that are flexible to meet your individual needs.

Hardwood Engineered Flooring

Hardwood flooring has the distinction of looking great, while also meeting the demands of the most challenging, high traffic workspace. Perfect for public venues, we offer an extensive range of wood types and colors, in a variety of finishes and unique species. Worried about noise? Underlayments can be used to provide an acoustic barrier. Commercial hardwood can be installed over concrete and most other sub-floors.

Tile Flooring

One of the most durable flooring options, commercial tiling has a variety of uses in spaces as diverse as hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools. It has a modernizing, stunning effect as a floor, and can also can create a unique backsplash on kitchen or bathroom walls. Before proceeding with a commercial tiling project, we will establish the type of tile that meets your look, hardness and slip- resistance needs. Our tile experts will help demystify tiling terms such as PEI (the hardness scale for tiles) as well as SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) and DCOF (Dynamic Co-Efficient of Friction.) Our team will guide you through selecting a long-term, durable, and professional commercial tile to make your space visually stunning, whether it’s ceramic tiling, porcelain tiling or even natural stone.

Vinyl Flooring

When installed by a team as experienced as ours, commercial vinyl flooring offers a strong, flexible solution that will last for many years. Above & Beyond Concepts is proud to offer vinyl flooring with built-in stain resistance and anti-scuff protection, saving you on maintenance and cleaning costs. We carry a wide variety of fiber flooring, vinyl planks and vinyl tiles to suit every office’s flooring needs. Here are the advantages of each type:

Vinyl Plank – 100% water resistant, this commonly used flooring option blends durability with a beautiful look. Vinyl Tile – An excellent choice for heavy traffic areas, it offers a warmer and softer alternative to traditional tile flooring. Vinyl Sheet – Perfect for commercial kitchens and bathrooms, this water resistant vinyl flooring offers the perfect mix of style and performance.

Laminate Flooring

Originally developed to meet the needs of homeowners looking for versatile and durable flooring, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular in the commercial sector for businesses seeking professional flooring on a budget. Boasting the look and feel of a hardwood floor, Commercial laminate flooring is an affordable solution designed to withstand the heavy foot traffic that comes with public spaces. Laminate installation is a quick and painless process because of it doesn’t require adhesives and is easy to maintain after installing. This modern flooring comes in a variety of tones, shades, and textures, and is engineered to stay beautiful for many years of use.

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