Floors to Adore

Whether you’re installing home flooring in a new space, or looking to upgrade an existing room, quality, well installed flooring can provide a dramatic and gratifying improvement in your home.

Above & Beyond Concepts has a floor for any application or situation you may need. From planning to execution, our highly trained and diligent staff will ensure your plans are carried out to perfection. Our mission is to provide the highest level of services in flooring that go above and beyond, covering everything from single rooms to entire housing projects.

We offer the following residential flooring solutions:


Plush and relaxing, there’s nothing like home carpeting for creating a sense of warmth and comfort in your home. No matter what your décor and budget needs are, our selection of luxurious plush, casual textured or durable loops provide a solution for every need. We are proud to offer the highest quality fibres from Tryesse, Nylons and PET’s to guarantee an application that works for you and your home. In our commitment to using the highest standard of supplies, we have chosen to only use premium high-density underlayment to help preserve the life of your carpet. Our broad selection of carpets are stain-proof, and come in a variety of thicknesses, patterns, and textures. Perfect for family homes, bedrooms, and common spaces, a soft, well-installed carpet warms and brightens any home. We are proud to offer a range of carpet products that suit your needs at the best value.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring offers an attractive and low maintenance choice that lends a sense of permanence to your interior design. With several quality flooring options to choose from, you can easily achieve a rustic, contemporary or eclectic aesthetic in your home. Have pets in your home? Engineered hardwood flooring is easy to keep clean, with spills leaving no lasting effects. A timeless flooring option, hardwood flooring appreciates the value of your home in case you are looking to resell, and adds character, depth, and elegance to your home for 15-20 years of use. Our wide selection of hand-crafted, engineered hardwood comes in a diverse range of species, colours, and natural patterns, and can be installed with contemporary flooring styles, like varying plank widths, to modernize the classic flooring look.

Tile Flooring

If you’re upgrading your bathroom or planning a kitchen renovation, tile’s water resistance and durability makes it the perfect fit for your home. Modern kitchens incorporate styles like hexagonal tiles and custom grouts to bring a young, contemporary feeling to kitchen and bathroom remodels. Whether you are looking to upgrade the floor, or install a stunning backsplash to your wall, we offer ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile options for your home. Our team is happy to consult with you to find the material and style that’s best suited to your needs. Looking to put the finishing touches on your home remodel? We also offer mosaic, border, wall and plank options in all varieties of tile.

Vinyl Flooring

It’s the floor that does it all – it’s cost-effective, handles water well, and feels soft and warm on your feet. What’s more, Vinyl is a beautiful, modern floor for your home. Our vinyl floor solutions have built-in stain resistance and anti-scuff protection, making them a great fit for homes with pets or young children. Cleaning and maintenance is made simple because of its water resistance, ability to retain pigment, and resistance to fading over time. No matter what the design of your home, we carry a large selection of fiber floors, vinyl planks and vinyl tiles to suit every look. Here’s more information on the type of vinyl flooring we offer: 

Vinyl Plank – 100% water resistant, this commonly used flooring option blends durability with a beautiful look. Vinyl Tile – An excellent choice for heavy traffic areas, it offers a warmer and softer alternative to traditional tile flooring. Vinyl Sheet – Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, this water resistant vinyl flooring offers the perfect mix of style and performance

Laminate Flooring

Looking for a beautiful, cost-effective floor for your home? Laminate flooring is a low-cost, low-maintenance flooring option that has the look and grace of a hardwood floor, but comes with a quick, simple installation. In the last few years, laminate flooring has progressed so much it’s often tough to tell the difference from a quality laminate floor and engineered hardwood flooring. Made from pressed wood, laminate planks snap together to create a lovely, warm floor without adhesives. We offer a range of high quality lines made with realistic wood grains and high AC ratings that are scratch and stain resistant. This modern option is engineered to stay beautiful for many years of use.

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