About the Role:

A construction manager oversees multiple renovation projects at once. The chosen candidate will:

    - Lead the team on all projects

    - Be responsible for directing and coordinating project work

    - Performing routine visits to the construction sites to monitor progress

    - Ensure all policies and procedures are consistently being followed on-site

We’re a preferred company to work with:

At Above and Beyond Concepts, we take great pride in our work environment and strive to be a preferred company to work with. We aim to create an unmatched positive work environment. We do this by:

    - Providing attractive rates of pay

    - Paying subcontractors immediately

    - Demonstrating genuine care for our clients

    - Utilizing elite company systems which means an organized worksite for you

Your role and responsibilities:

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who has experience in project management within the construction industry and wants to pick up additional jobs to fill their workload. You should have a substantial working knowledge of:

    - A variety of trades positions and construction techniques

    - Local, provincial, and federal workplace compliance regulations, ordinances and legislation

    - Health and safety regulations

    - Building codes

    -Scheduling a team of skilled workers and subcontractors

    - Task delegation

    - Leadership and motivation techniques

Must be experienced in performing renovations and flooring installation with a meticulous attention to detail.

Come work with a great team:

We’re looking for subcontractors who are really great at what they do! We want to work with individuals who:

    - Are experienced

    - Are customer service driven

      - Your priority is to do the best work for the client and provide them with a catered experience

    - Have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude

    - Are looking for a long-term relationship with our growing company

Connect with us:

Send us an email – please include a quick intro, photos of your work, and referrals. We’d love to chat with you!