The Choice of Professionals

The decision to remodel your commercial space is an exciting one, with lots of factors to consider. Whether you're experienced with this process or not, finding the right partner makes all the difference. Above & Beyond Concepts has a proud track record of commercial renovation success. We have learned that the key to a winning project is the collaboration of all stakeholders to find mutually beneficial solutions. Above all else, we are trustworthy and ready to help you navigate the process together; from planning to execution and completion.

Why Work with Us?

We understand our clients have plenty of options when it’s time to remodel their commercial space. This is why we offer the following guarantees that go above and beyond. 

    - Dedicated Project Manager

    - Clear Administrative Communication

    - Systems & Procedures

    - Quality of Work

    - Proven Track Record

    - Health & Safety Program

    - Warranty License & Credentials

Examples of Commercial Remodels We Offer

    - Office Refurbishments

    - Commercial Bathroom Remodels

    - Commercial Kitchen Remodels

    - Foyer/Lobby/Entry Enhancements

    - Hallway or Suite Flooring

    - Full-Scale Remodels

Foundational Questions We'll Ask You

Establishing whether you’re looking to install new technology, completely overhaul your interiors, or simply give your commercial space a fresh coat of paint helps us both clearly understand the scope of the project.

If there are any times we can’t be on-site, or issues that prevent us from working, it’s important these are communicated from the get-go. For example, if you are planning an office remodel and you don’t want staff disturbed during business hours, let us know so we can give an accurate estimate of a project’s timeline. Need to split the project into phases? No problem!

Understanding the condition of your pre-existing utilities, mechanical and electrical systems helps us establish whether they can be woven into the remodel project, or if they’ll need to be replaced. In older buildings, it’s sometimes cost-effective to remove old infrastructure and replace it with modern, efficient options.

Commercial remodels can sometimes present complex and challenging circumstances that require several commercial contractors. Knowing who else will be on-site allows us to open communication lines and work together to create a safer, more efficient site. Pooling our supplies can also lead to lowered costs of materials. Our trusted subtrade partners have been with us for years, the relationship is strong and the quality of their work has been proven to us time and again.

Helping Your Dreams Come True

Our trusted staff will work with you at every step of the way to help make your vision a reality - here’s how the process works:

Planning Stage

We'll call you for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to get a feel for the project and see if there's a good fit for both parties. We will then schedule a visit to your site to obtain measurements and view the space. Once this has been completed, we will compile a fair and honest budget for the project and email it to you for approval.

Upon approval, we set: 

    - Tentative Schedule

    - Scope of work

    - Material list

    - Contract

The Project

Once the project begins, you can rest easy knowing the work is being carried out by the best. Our outstanding Admin Executives will provide a point of contact with our administrative team. On site, an experienced Project Manager will oversee the project from start to finish. Meanwhile, a Site Liaison will be appointed to act as your go-to on site, and is happy to answer any questions you might have. We promise to keep an open dialogue, informing you about important aspects of the job as they happen. Regular progress reports will be supplied, while our team will conduct regular quality checks of the work being carried out.


We will complete the project to the highest standards on time and with minimal fuss. We will hold a debrief and walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work before we consider the job done.

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